Theresa Roseingrave

Facebook Ads

With lots of businesses feeling the sting of not having a web presence and investing in one might be a financial stretch so how can we drive store traffic?

Create a store traffic Ad Campaign

The store traffic objective allows you to create and deliver localised Facebook Ads to people nearby and encourage foot traffic to your store.  With the reality of staycays being part of our lives for the foreseeable future, ensure your business is driving the swell of additional footfall into your store.

Firstly, Double Check

You have the store locations added to your Business Manager..

You then go to your Ads Manager:

1. Select + Create

2. Selecting Store Traffic as your marketing objective

3. Give your campaign a name & choose the business page you want to run ads for, select your budget optimisation preference and select continue

4. Below Stores, select your store set

5. Choose your radius this will determine your Ad reach

6. Set Audience, placement, budget and schedule

7. Below Identity, choose your Ad Voice. Your ad can come from your main business page or store page

8. Choose from the Carousel, Single Image or Video formats

9. Enter ad text and pull localised info like opening hours and contact number

10. Add your creative assets or media

11. Add a call to action button such as Get Directions

12. Review, confirm and publish

You have created your first store traffic ad campaign