BrandAmp Digital Strategy Services

The need to target customers through digital channels should be apparent to most businesses by now.

SEO, social media marketing and digital ads are a cost effective and efficient way to increase brand awareness, attract more customers, and build consumer loyalty.

The issue for many companies, though, is having a haphazard digital strategy. An integrated plan to grow and effectively engage with audiences is often lacking.

A digital strategy for business is essential if you wish to get the maximum return on investment from your digital marketing campaigns.

BrandAmp has the experience and know-how to be the digital strategy consultant you need for your business. We can craft the necessary digital strategy steps to ensure every aspect of your online marketing campaign is in sync.

We are proud to partner with small and mid-sized businesses to deliver outstanding digital strategies, create insightful online content, and craft engaging experiences for your prospective and repeat customers.

Our Approach to Digital Strategy

Hiring BrandAmp for assistance with digital strategy in Ireland means taking on a new partner, not a hands-off consultant to write up a few plans that you have to implement on your own.

BrandAmp becomes part of your team, working with your various departments to develop digital strategies that identify and target your niche within the local, regional and national markets.


The Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, is a way to measure how effectively you are meeting your various business objectives. Within the context of digital marketing strategy, a KPI helps to track the success or failure of a campaign.

BrandAmp uses a range of KPIs as part of our digital strategy consultant services.

● Brand awareness changes
● Cost per lead
● Website traffic leads
● Online and lead conversion rates
● Click through rate
● Returning website visitors


Understanding your target audience is critical to any sales or marketing effort – including a successful digital market strategy in Ireland. BrandAmp works with you to understand the demographics and niches within the market where you are most likely to find potential customers.

Knowing as much information as possible about your target market helps determine how your digital strategy should be crafted. As a simple example, a digital strategy for a business that focuses on young college students is going to be vastly different than one designed for a company that targets older, high net worth folks.

The BrandAmp team not only researches your target market, but also learns about the various digital channels where those people are most likely to spend their time online.

Channel Mix

There are countless digital marketing channels available to small and mid-sized businesses in Ireland. Between your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Reddit, there are countless places where having a brand presence may be beneficial.

Our job is to understand where your target market is most likely to spend time, especially when they are searching for keywords, products or services related to your business.

If you have a niche that spends a lot of time on YouTube watching tutorials or informative videos about products or services that you sell, having a YouTube presence is vital. Not only would having a channel help build your brand, but creating YouTube ads may also help you steer customers towards your channel and website.


As one of the most successful digital consultants in Ireland, BrandAmp has created countless digital strategy roadmaps for our clients.

Our team assesses all the information collected from the above three steps, which allows us to create a plan of action for your digital marketing efforts. That includes improving website SEO, developing your social media presence, creating digital PPC and video ads, integrating tracking software to your website and social media profiles, and more.

Trust Our Expertise

Having an in-house marketing department fully staffed with top-notch digital marketing talent may be expected in a large multinational corporation, but it is a luxury for most small and mid-sized businesses.

With BrandAmp on your team, however, you will have the same seamless integration that comes with your own internal marketing staff without the same payroll.

Rather than taking you focus off of the business you know by spending time trying to learn the nuances of digital strategy, trust the experts at BrandAmp. We have an enviable history of assisting Irish businesses in nearly every sector with their digital strategies.

Our team of experienced and qualified experts will ensure no stone is left unturned in maximising the potential of your digital presence. We use techniques that are finely tuned to the latest search engine
and social media platform algorithms, and relevant to your industry.

Receive Measurable Results

BrandAmp believes in offering measurable results for the work we do. Not only do we craft successful and unique digital marketing campaigns for our clients, but we keep them in the loop with regards to the performance of these campaigns.

Our team will compile a report on your marketing strategy’s results every month and present it to the relevant people at your company. These reports help you understand the areas we are targeting with our various campaigns, and provide a month to month comparison of how certain KPIs are improving.

Maximise Return on Investment

At BrandAmp, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional outcomes. We understand the tight budgets of many small and mid-sized businesses in Ireland, which is why our services focus on maximising return
on investment.

Our marketing experts successfully meld the organic traffic boost of website SEO and social media with PPC ads to deliver outstanding results for your company. The specialists assigned to your case work seamlessly with your team to select the most useful and cost-effective keywords for PPC ads, ensuring you get the most out of the money being spent on each campaign.

Take your small or mid-sized business to the next level in its evolution with the help of BrandAmp. Our digital marketing strategy services will help you create and implement a coherent, efficient and highly personalised advertising campaign that increases brand awareness, builds consumer loyalty, and ultimately drives up sales for your business.