Pay per click advertising is an excellent way to increase digital visibility and reach more of your target
By using Google ads in Ireland or Facebook PPC ads, it is possible to triple or quadruple your daily
website visitors in quick time. BrandAmp specialises in planning, creating and implementing PPC ad
campaigns for businesses in all sectors.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising, or pay per click advertising, is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time an ad is clicked. It is the ideal way to build on the organic website visits your digital marketing strategies are generating.
Whenever you search for a keyword on Google you see one or two sponsored searches at the top of the page. Those are PPC ads, strategically placed by companies for keywords related to the products or services they sell.
Each time someone clicks on those ads, the company pays a set fee to Google for that ad. While the cost
of these ads can be significant, they often result in sales that far surpass those costs. With the assistance
of BrandAmp, you can leverage Google advertising in Ireland to your advantage.

BrandAmp Pay Per Click Advertising Services

BrandAmp assists small and midsize businesses in all industries with their digital marketing needs. One of our most sought after services is pay per click advertising or paid search services.
Whether your business requires Google Ads in Ireland or wishes to leverage PPC ads on Facebook, we
are ideally positioned to plan, develop and implement your campaign. Below is a rundown of the pay per click ad services we offer.

Keyword Research

The primary building block of any successful PPC campaign is keyword research, and the BrandAmp team knows how to ensure your ads are focusing on the ideal keywords.
We use a myriad of tools, including an understanding of your customers and search engine algorithms, to help us determine the keywords that will perform best for your business.
Keywords can be grouped into four categories: brand terms, generic terms, related terms and
competitor terms. We also put ourselves into your customers’ shoes, start with broader keywords and then narrow them down, and include as many variations to a keyword or phrase as possible.

Audience Research and Insight

Both Google and Facebook provide audience insights to help with your PPC strategy.
Facebook offers information that includes demographics, page likes, location and language, Facebook
usage, and purchase activity.
Google provides information that includes in-market and affinity audiences, demographics, locations,
devices, and similar audiences.
BrandAmp has vast experience in using these insights and other audience research metrics to best
understand how to target your PPC ads to realise a superior return on investment. An ad campaign
without such research would be too haphazard to yield the desired results, especially for a small or mid-sized business.

Ad Creation and Copywriting

The goal of a PPC ad is to drive visitors to a website and eventually result in a sale for your business. PPC ads must not only be compelling, but they must also speak directly to the needs of the prospective
Most small businesses in Ireland do not have the PPC advertising expertise in-house to create
compelling ads. That’s why trusting BrandAmp to craft and copyright your ads is integral to the success
of your PPC strategy.
We create a compelling headline and body copy to ensure your ad immediately captures the attention
of the reader, while informing them about how your business, product or service can solve their
particular problem.

Ad Bid Management

A PPC bid is very common within the Google Adwords system. It is the bid you are placing to secure the
ad placement you desire on top of the search results page for related keywords.
Depending on the specificity of your keywords and the number of competitors in your industry and/or
area, these bids can reach significantly high numbers. It is why having the expertise of BrandAmp
handling your bids is crucial to getting the spots you desire without overspending.
We include bid modifiers where necessary, as these can determine the devices where your ads are
visible, when the ads are visible, and the maximum amount you are willing to pay to have a specific ad

A/B Split Test Ads

A/B split testing is one of the many tools used to optimise a PPC campaign. It is possible to split test the same ad with different variations to understand what combination is achieving the best conversion rate.
Our team can A/B split test your ads on both Google and Facebook platforms, which helps us
understand how different headlines, layouts, calls to action and body texts can impact the success of those ads.

Ad Monitoring and Reporting

BrandAmp provides real time and summarised data regarding the success of your various PPC ads. Such
information helps you understand the impressions, clicks, and other metrics of the various ads we are
There are various KPIs, or key performance indicators, which can help you understand whether a PPC ad is successful. These include cost per conversion, total conversion value, conversion rate and many more.

Landing Page Audit & Recommendations

The most successful PPC ads can still not deliver the results your business is expecting – if there is a
problem with your landing page.
When BrandAmp takes control of your digital strategy, we ensure your landing page is a strategic match with your PPC ads. If you built the landing page, or another digital marketing agency had that job, we audit the page to assess its effectiveness.
Our audit informs you about the clarity of the landing page, its simplicity, whether it has a consistent message, and if the call to action within the landing page is obvious and easily understood.
BrandAmp has years of experience in assisting Irish businesses with pay per click advertising on Google,
Facebook and other platforms. Partner with us to develop a PPC advertising strategy that is coherent, cost effective and that generates real results.

PPC Services we offer

  • Keyword Research
  • Audience Research & Insight
  • Ad Creation & Copywriting
  • Ad Bid Management
  • A/B Split Test Ads
  • Ad Monitoring & Reporting
  • Landing Page Audit and Recommendations

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