Six Elements of a Powerful SEO Product Description

1. Length and Structure 

  • Write in short, concise, and readable sentences
  • A sentence should not exceed 20 words
  • Use bullet lists, pictures, headings and line breaks 

2. Customer Value 

  • Apply the feature/benefit dichotomy to your product:
  • Feature: a dishwasher applies high heat and water pressure
  • Benefit: buying this dishwasher will free you from having to remove food residue and stains by hands
  • Use lifestyle writing: 

Skip the technical benefits. Instead, tell a story that features the values and goals of your target audience

3. SEO

  • High search frequency and low competition keywords
  • Use keywords naturally in body text, metadata and titles 
  • Headings and subheadings in order 
  • Interlinks 


  • Long sentences 
  • The passive voice 

4. Language 

  • Meaningful, technically proficient writing 
  • Unique features and benefits 
  • The “What” of what your product can do for your customers 
  • The specific ways the product will improve their lives 


  • Superfluous words (very, really, especially, excellent quality, great value)
  • Overly promotional language 

 Assertions that something is ‘good’

5. Call – to – Action 

  • A quick recap as a reminder of the benefits the product has to offer 
  • The “add to cart” button beneath the description 

6. Buyer Persona 

Your product description should:

  • Stimulate your customer’s desires 
  • Help overcome their hesitations 
  • Sell them on your product 
  • Reflect your brand’s character 
  • Cultivate a tone that appeals to relevant demographics
  • Use suitable types of humor and relatable references 

*Data Source SEMrush

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