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Digital marketing offers a unique opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses to improve brand awareness, connect with a new audience, and continually interact with existing customers.

For digital marketing in Ireland, BrandAmp is the agency to rely on. We have years of experience assisting businesses of all sizes in all sectors, and we have a full slate of digital marketing packages that can be customised to match your specific needs.

Digital marketing encompasses the entire online presence for a business. To be competitive in today’s economy, a company must have a cohesive online presence as a majority of shoppers use the internet to make purchasing decisions.

BrandAmp is one of the few firms in Ireland that handles all forms of digital marketing services. Our packages allow you to create an all-encompassing digital strategy that successfully melds your website SEO, ad strategy, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to boost visibility and increase sales.

Our Approach

BrandAmp uses a five-pronged approach to providing digital marketing services. This comprehensive approach allows us to develop a customised marketing strategy that successfully meets all the needs of your business.


No digital marketing agency should be creating a strategy for a business without understanding that business. We take the time to learn about your operation, even if we have served other clients in your industry. Every business is unique, and our services for digital marketing in Ireland are intended to tackle the individual challenges our clients face.


When a client has a minimal online presence, we thoroughly analyse the search engine optimization of their website to highlight areas for improvement. Social media accounts and current PPC ad campaigns also get a careful review.


The third step is perhaps the most important, as it is the stage where our team develops your entire digital marketing strategy. We craft plans to tweak your website content for SEO purposes, improve your social media profiles, and create an online ad strategy to achieve your business goals.


Our team gets to work on implementing the created strategies. At BrandAmp, we keep the client informed during every stage of the process. You are kept in the loop as our team works on polishing your website’s SEO, social media accounts and other digital profiles. We also develop and release PPC and other online ads across multiple platforms.


Clients trust BrandAmp as their digital marketing agency because we do not believe a project is closed until real results from our work become apparent. The final step involves measuring the success of our digital marketing strategy. If some results are not as promising as we expected, our team tweaks the strategy so it produces the outcome our clients deserve.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

While physical marketing and print marketing still have a lot to offer businesses, digital marketing has taken over as the most important way to advertise your products and services. The group of potential customers you can find online is greater than any local marketing strategy could provide.

Taking prompt action is imperative if your business is to grow in the way you expect. Small businesses in Ireland should never postpone their digital marketing efforts.

If you recently opened your business, now is the ideal time to craft an online marketing strategy. Your emergence online should coordinate with your in-person opening.

Below are some of the most significant advantages of implementing an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy:

  • Interact with your prospects and understand what they are seeking
  • Reach out to a global marketplace of potential customers
  • Reach more customers despite spending less money, compared to physical and print marketing strategies
  • Understand your audience on a personal level through online interactions
  • Assess your marketing efforts immediately through real-time analytics

Your Customers Are Online

Many of our clients delayed hiring a digital marketing agency because they felt believed companies operating in their industry would not benefit from having an online presence. Our research showed them that belief was wrong.

All customers and potential customers shop online these days. It doesn’t matter if the ultimate purchase happens on a website or at a brick and mortar store – the customer likely spent time online researching their options beforehand.

When someone wants to buy an item or request a service, they go online.

Having a professional website that incorporates search engine optimisation ensures your company is among the first search results. When the potential customer lands on your website, they are immediately informed about what your company has to offer.

An active social media presence is also necessary to retain current customers and broaden the base of potential customers. Posting updates about your business and informing customers about events like special campaigns, coupons, etc. on Facebook or Instagram keeps them engaged and builds a community around your business.

Pay Attention to Your Competitors

Businesses in all industries must pay attention to how their competitors are faring. Being online is the ideal way to keep track of what other businesses in your area may be doing.

Not only are you aiming to beat your competitors, you must be willing to learn from them. Did one of your rivals start a YouTube channel that is driving visitors to their website or physical stores? Are they receiving significant website views due to a PPC campaign? Has their website SEO put them near the top of search results pages for relevant keywords?

BrandAmp can help you assess the performance of your competitors and then implement a strategy that will surpass their digital presence.

Allow BrandAmp to Shape Your Online Presence

As a specialist in digital marketing in Ireland, BrandAmp has assisted countless businesses in every industry. Our team has perfected website SEO, crafted social media presences, and created highly successful PPC and video ad campaigns.

By allowing us to take charge of your online presence, you are giving your business the boost it needs to realise success. Our digital marketing strategies will increase hits on your website and social media profiles, leading to more people visiting your business and buying your products or services.

Having an online presence is a necessary, affordable way for small and mid-sized businesses to build brand awareness, interact with customers, and maintain an edge over their competitors.

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